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Wednesday 5 August 2009

SCMOTD #112 - Team Micro Melee

Team Micro Melee

1+2:1+2 Melee Squad Micro, Jungle 128x128 - by Bill307, IntoTheWow in 14 March 2009
Defend your army builder while assaulting the enemy base with various tactical points-earned squads.
Team Micro Melee AG 2.3.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Team Micro Melee, Team Micro Arena
1 Baser 2 Microers per team // Respawn: 10s // Note: numbers in units' names represent their kill points
Features: MoveableSpawnPoint, ConvertPointsToResource, GiveMenToMicroers; Suicide, Upg, Heroes

Award: People's Choice

Belonging to the established Builders and Fighters genre, Team Micro Melee combines regular 1v1 melee with numerous pick-and-choose squads for dynamic gameplay. With the experience-points element, supporting members can advance to stronger units and better upgrades to help protect the builder or lead the assault. As a team game, communication is vital or else a player will have to futilely fend for himself. A couple of mistakes builders usually make are not wisely positioning their squad-spawner (Civ) and not simply entrusting his army to the squads (PsiEm), which are important features to this tactics-focused game.

Tuesday 4 August 2009

SCMOTD #111 - AI Splash Defense

A.I. Splash Def

Individual 5P Walling RetroBottle Defense, Desert 96x96 - by Touchpad_Master in 15 July 2005
Set up auto-defenses to hit your dummy Defilers such that they splash enemies running through.
Download StarCraft Map: AI Splash Defense, AI Splash Defence
Levels: 15 // Stack: Yes // Walling: Safe // Note: read Mission Objectives for defenses listing
Award: Best of Class

The "AI" prefix in the series of mini-defenses came from the original Korean 개인 Lurker Defense map, in which the hangul means "individual", but transcodes to "ÀÎ" on non-Korean localizations. Traits that AI maps all share are the last-man-standing rule, individual tracks, and the characteristic boomerang pathing. In AI Splash Defense, the creator combined the strategy of splash defenses with the minimalism of AI defenses, and as such, walling is even more essential in keeping the enemy vulnerable to fire. AI maps are generally short games, but what makes them more fun than longer ones is the ability to quickly master your strategies to outplay others.

Monday 3 August 2009

SCMOTD #110 - Bomber Probe


7P Probe Jail Tag, Jungle 128x128 - by EL-DUD in early 2000s
Warp in Pylon timebombs along with your vulnerable allies to wipe out lethal wandering enemies.
Download StarCraft Map: Bomber Probe SC, BomberProbe SC, Bomberman, Bomber Man
Levels: 9 // Ban: Host // Tip: to limit friendly fire, don't build Pylons at (+) intersections
Award: Personal Favorite

Most of the quality Bomberman maps are FFA style with quick-thinking gameplay, such as BOMBERMAN 2.7 by [Ghost]Yoon. I chose BOMBER PROBE as the representative of this emulative genre in that it combines the fun of Bomberman games with the familiarity of tag maps. On first play, the map appears to be a Cat & Mice game with the jail zone in the center, and Mice/Probes running away from danger—except that players now have the more powerful ability of blasting away numerous enemies in entire rows or columns. Being the exact opposite of FFA maps, teamwork and especially the avoidance of friendly fire, will be needed as bombers advance through the nine diverse levels.

Sunday 2 August 2009

SCMOTD #109 - Flower Series


5P Battle Dodge Obstacle, Ice 128x128 - by zzerg$$ in mid 2000s
Dodge erratic patterns of deadly projectiles as your blinking gunner barrages each level's boss unit.
Flower of Ice.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Flower Series, Flower of Ice, Flower of Fire, Flower of Blood, Flower of Daemon
Levels: 12 // Lives: 20, +13 buyable per level to self-revive // Features: Music, Ban
Award: Practical Innovation

It was by serendipity that I came across this rather unique Korean map while browsing the English database. Comparable to the hardest bound maps, Flower of Ice adds the excitement of shooting games to the intensity of dodging gameplay. Basically the Flower series is an adaptation of the bullet hell style shooting games, and not being a misnomer, player-controlled ships must dodge rains of instant-kill bullets while strafing the level's boss unit. To adapt the shooting aspect to StarCraft, the creator split the player's "ship" to a dodger (Ling) and a gunner (air unit); the player controls the Ling, while an anti-air unit is constantly created and removed near the Ling to simulate a variable-rate shooter. As it is a challenging game, players will have to practice and replay the map several times to really enjoy its complexity.

Gunner  Rate      Damage  Special
KulM    VeryFast   60+8   destroy all bullets
Alan    Slow      124+26  four Alans attack once
FenD    Medium    111+13  +1 life
Dani    Medium     91+8   -1 life +1 upgrade

Saturday 1 August 2009

SCMOTD #108 - SAT Control 2

Single And Team Control 2

6P Ind+Team Reactive Control, Twilight 128x128 - by thdtjdqja in 2009
Assemble the best squads with alotted cash to fight against armies in your own and the team's arena.
S.A.T. Control 2 [1.1].scx
Download StarCraft Map: Single And Team Control II, SAT Control 2
Levels: 25×2, +Bosses // Difficulties: 4 ±minerals // Tech: Unresearched // Upg: 4 max // Features: Ban, Suicide
Bonus: GasFor1LevelUpgrade (Left), MoreMineralsPerRound (Top), or MoreInitialEnergy (Right)
Note: use all your minerals because they will zero after the timer; computer can cloak and detect

Award: Personal Favorite

Rarely are maps in the same series featured twice in the SCMOTD, but once again the freedom of squad customization and the dynamics of individual and team play—signature to the Single and Team Control series—have proven to make this map very replayable. SAT Control 2 expands from its prequel by letting players choose one of two enemy groups each level and integrating a boss level every five. Gameplay is enhanced by experience points based bonuses, allowing more resources or energy per round. Though the game sometimes limits what players can buy to prevent overpowering the enemy, it is still essentially a sandbox game and players are free to experiment and have fun every time they play.

Friday 31 July 2009

SCMOTD #107 - Taegeukgi Control

태극기 Control Final

7P Ind+FFA Reactive Control, Ice 128x96 - by kdk8747 in mid 2000s
Actively command your given squads to overcome fierce AI assaults and unrelenting human survivors.
Korea Control (Final).scx
Download StarCraft Map: Taegeukgi Control, Korea Control
Levels: 47 // Lives: 10 // AI: HasVision but NoVision on burrow-vital levels, AutoSeek, AttacksAll
Note: after the computer round, players fight FFA in the center for 90 seconds, winning player gets +1 life

Thursday 30 July 2009

SCMOTD #106 - Sunken & Spore Defense

Sunken & Spore D!!!

6P Walling Drain Defense, Space 128x128 - by Various Authors in early 2000s
Evenly divide between ground and air defenses to prevent mixed enemies from ever leaving your area.
SunkNSpore Def {FiNaL}.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Sunken and Spore Defense, Sunk & Spore, Sunks n Spores
Levels: 16 // Start: Manual // Heroes: 16 + 4 bonus // Walling: Partial // Defeat: >5 enemies reach center
Tip: the end is just behind each player's area, so either make sure no one leaks or protect the center

Wednesday 29 July 2009

SCMOTD #105 - Helm's Deep v. pOody

Helms Deep v. pOody

3+2:2 Warrior Siege Assault, Twilight 192x96 - by Your_a_fag & B.u.t.t.h.e.a.d in 24 October 2006
Brace the gates of Helm's Deep as valiant humans and elves or pierce through as Saruman's vile orcish army.
Helms Deep v. pOody Final.2.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Lord of the Rings LotR Helm's Deep, Helms Deep pOody
Clock: 50 mins // Spells: ±5 per, 1TimeUse // Gates: 2 // Features: WeaponSwitch, ArmCivs, TeleLadders

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