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Tuesday 28 July 2009

SCMOTD #104 - Lathirion RP

RP - Lathírion

6P Tropical Roleplay Social, Jungle 256x256 - by Vrael in 2007
Shape and enact your favorite period fantasies in a sandbox world by your own and others' imaginations.
Lathirion RP v1.10.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Lathirion RP

Note: As diverse as everyone's imaginations are, there are just as many RP maps to complement them. You should try out the various RPs in the download link and find the ones that will conform to your story.
Read this thread for good RP maps and download the RP map pack (Social) if you are interested.

Monday 27 July 2009

SCMOTD #103 - Baseball


RanPos 3:3 Multiavatar Sport Game, Jungle 64x64 - by Dragoon-elf in early 2000s
Score runs on the four bases as you evade tagging players and then prevent just that on multiple turns.
Baseball V1.72.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Baseball
Features: HitStrength, BallRandomization, PlayerLeaveSensitive, SFX // Learn how to play baseball
Note: you need a pitcher (Tank) and a catcher (Goliath behind the batter) in position for each game to start

You can't win unless it's the end of an inning, you have more runs th[a]n the other team, and you've met the victory conditions.
To pitch or swing at the ball, siege your batter or pitcher (tanks)
The ball will fly to the catcher, if you move the catcher, the ball will curve.
The closer to the center of home plate the ball is when you swing, the further it goes.
If your batter is above home plate when you swing, the ball goes to the right, below goes to the left.
In the top bottom corners (left or right depending on your team) you can choose to use the wooden bat (trail doesn't last as long), metal bat (normal trail), or high-tech bat (trail lasts longer).
To pick up the ball, move one of your players (goliath) next to it.
To catch the ball (for an out) be under it as the trail ends.

Sunday 26 July 2009

SCMOTD #102 - Padorath's Return RPG

Padorath's Return RPG

6P Sword&Sorcery Dungeon RPG, Badlands 256x256 - by Lockdown720 in 24 April 2000
Venture into the convoluted caves to help rid the land of monsters and complete a host of quests.
Padorath's Return SE@1.14.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Padorath's Return RPG
Heroes: 6, own // Evolves: 2, at 50K and 100K KilScor // Lives: 1 // Towns: 3 // Version: InstantUps, SafeColors
Tip: train at the many different enemy spawns to avoid killstealing

Saturday 25 July 2009

SCMOTD #101 - V-Tec Paintball

V-TEC Paintball (Enhanced)

4:4 CTF Arsenal Paintball, Installation 64x64 - by KnIgHtCoM in 1998
Play a classic competitive-teamwork paintball game that takes minutes to learn but years to master.
[8]V-TEC {Enhanced}L.scx
Download StarCraft Map: V-Tec Paintball, Vtec Paintball
Weapons: 6×3 Evolves at 5 10 or 15 kills // Wins: 25, 50, 75, or 100 team kills // View Map Overview
Counters: Rine > Ling > Goon > Rine, use other units for their upgraded form
Prop                  Function
green tube doodad     morph Civilian to respective unit
Chrysalis             morph unit back to Civilian
Khaydarin Crystal     teleport in or out of base
floor hatch doodad    upgrade unit to newer stronger unit
Flag                  turns unit into flag carrier (JimM), return to own beacon for +2 Civs
team base             kills enemy camping in for more than 30s, takes enemy 30s to respawn

Friday 24 July 2009

SCMOTD #100 - Kerrigan Has Sex With Duke

Kerrigan Has Sex With Duke

8P Parody Movie Social, Badlands 64x64 - by DrunkenWrestler in before 2004
Listen to a StarCraft parody composed entirely of SC character sounds and humoured by innuendoes.
Kerrigan Has Sex With Duke.scm
Download StarCraft Map: Kerrigan Has Sex With Duke
Genre: Comedy // Setting: badlands pier // Length: 2 minutes

Thursday 23 July 2009

SCMOTD #99 - Temple Siege

Temple Siege

3:3 Humans Advanced Warrior, Jungle 192x192 - by UnholyUrine, MNeox in 2008
Slay the opposing heroes while repelling enemy reinforcements and capturing outposts with your team.
Temple Siege v1.5 d4.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Temple Siege
Heroes: 12 // Spells: 4 per // Lives: 2 // Features: HeroStats, InGameTutorial, Day&Night, DeploySpawners
Official Discussion Thread

Wednesday 22 July 2009

SCMOTD #98 - Diplomacy Infinity

Diplo - Infinity

7P Diplo Invasive Conquest, Jungle 256x256 - by :destroyer: in 2003-2009
Conquer the nations of Europe as a belligerent or pacify them as allies in this grand strategy game.
Diplo - Infi. 2.8a (Final).scx
Download StarCraft Map: Diplomacy Infinity, Diplo Infi, Diplo Phant
Diplomacy Community and Assistance // Read Wiki Description

Tuesday 21 July 2009

SCMOTD #97 - Lame Defense [life1ess]


7P Ind+Team Pressure Control, Installation 128x128 - by life1ess in late 2000s
Make the best of randomly given squads to dispatch swarms of enemies prior to team-protecting the end.
Lame Defense [life1ess].scx
Download StarCraft Map: Lame Defense
Levels: 20 // Randomization: 384 squads // Feature: Ban
Tip: Red should upgrade VehiWpn because he has turrets protecting the end

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