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Thursday 23 July 2009

SCMOTD #99 - Temple Siege

Temple Siege

3:3 Humans Advanced Warrior, Jungle 192x192 - by UnholyUrine, MNeox in 2008
Slay the opposing heroes while repelling enemy reinforcements and capturing outposts with your team.
Temple Siege v1.5 d4.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Temple Siege
Heroes: 12 // Spells: 4 per // Lives: 2 // Features: HeroStats, InGameTutorial, Day&Night, DeploySpawners
Official Discussion Thread

Wednesday 22 July 2009

SCMOTD #98 - Diplomacy Infinity

Diplo - Infinity

7P Diplo Invasive Conquest, Jungle 256x256 - by :destroyer: in 2003-2009
Conquer the nations of Europe as a belligerent or pacify them as allies in this grand strategy game.
Diplo - Infi. 2.8a (Final).scx
Download StarCraft Map: Diplomacy Infinity, Diplo Infi, Diplo Phant
Diplomacy Community and Assistance // Read Wiki Description

Tuesday 21 July 2009

SCMOTD #97 - Lame Defense [life1ess]


7P Ind+Team Pressure Control, Installation 128x128 - by life1ess in late 2000s
Make the best of randomly given squads to dispatch swarms of enemies prior to team-protecting the end.
Lame Defense [life1ess].scx
Download StarCraft Map: Lame Defense
Levels: 20 // Randomization: 384 squads // Feature: Ban
Tip: Red should upgrade VehiWpn because he has turrets protecting the end

Monday 20 July 2009

SCMOTD #96 - 20001 Hydras Attack

Hydralisk Attack 12,000 Plus

Full 7P Flood Bunkering Survival, Space 128x128 - by 없는자 in before 2007
Hold the line against seemingly endless tsunamis of Hydralisks by repairing and rebuilding superbunkers.
Hydralisk Attack 20001 PLUS.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Kill 20001 Hydralisk Attack, Kill 12000 Hydras Attack, 20K Hydra Defense
Version: 1 SCV; buyable heroes, casters, and cannons // Tip: build unfinished bunkers as buffers
Waves: 49 // Climaxes: W30 HK (H150 D15), W39 Ling (H300 D20), W49 Torr (H700 D50)

Sunday 19 July 2009

SCMOTD #95 - The Phantom v.Ae

The Phantom v.Ae

7:1 Regular Backstabbing Custom, Jungle 192x192 - by Res'Sar, Ae]PhoenixNight in mid 2000s
Arouse dissent to destroy the unwary players as the phantom or figure out his disguise as phantom-slayers.
Phantom Ae 3.0.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Phantom Ae
Features: everyone visioned off; phantom sees map; players-dependent phantom bonuses; revelation clock

Saturday 18 July 2009

SCMOTD #94 - Run Zergling Run

Run Ling Run 5.0

6P Critter Dodge Obstacle, Jungle 128x128 - by ShizTheresABear, Jr.Ace in before 2004
Spiral toward the center as you agilely and patiently avoid killer critters while saving mauled teammates.
Run Ling Run [5.0]LITE.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Run Zergling Run
Checkpoints: 25 // Revive: AllyTouchesCorpse, 1 autorevive // Modes: 3, ±critters // Version: no music

Friday 17 July 2009

SCMOTD #93 - Defence F

Defence F

Individual 6P Walling Bottle Defense, Badlands 128x128 - by FangShiX in early 2000s
Keep up with the relentless torrent of enemies as you rapidly upgrade and wall with specific bunkers.
Defence F X-tra.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Defence F, Defense F, F Defence, F Defense
Levels: 25 Nonstop, air at L11, cloak at L18 // Lives: None // Stack: Yes // Note: enemy attacks on last level

Thursday 16 July 2009

SCMOTD #92 - WinterGlades RPG

WinterGlades RPG

5P Overmind Roam RPG, Ice 256x256 - by Xanthen in 1999
Roam the wintry landscape as you kill mercenaries and demolish encampments to advance your hero.
WinterGlades 2.65S.scx
Download StarCraft Map: WinterGlades RPG
Evolves: 50, 2500, 10K, 20K, 40K, 60K, 100K KilRaz // Death: LevelReset // Features: Recruit 5K, buy Med|SCV
Towns: 3 // Tip: don't be greedy, team will get quest bonuses; have partners help kill the mastery unit
Mastery       Unit                       Landmark  Location
Fighter       Zera A30 S1200 H1000 D250  Temple    Top Left Corner Edge
Archer        KulG A30       H1800 D250  none      Lower Top Right Corner Edge
Magician      Dani A30 S1500 H800  D600  CrysFor   Lower Top Left Corner Edge
Mechanic      Nora A32       H2000 D250  PsiDis    Middle Right Edge
Shapeshifter  KulM A31       H1800 D175  XelTemp   Lower Middle Right

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