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Organized Map Categories

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F0: Melee – Play regular StarCraft in spacious money maps.
Subfolders :: Island, Micro, Big Game Hunters, Fastest Possible Map Ever, Zero Clutter TvB
F1: Custom – Gather, build, and train to fight against similar foes in customized melee settings.
Subfolders :: Campaign, War, 5v3, 6v2, 7v1, 9999 Unit, Altered StarCraft, Art of Defence, Fast & Free, God's Land, Offensive Strike, OMFG THE UNITS, Phantom, Squad Support
F2: Defense – Prevent waves of enemies from reaching a point with defenses or defenders.
Subfolders :: Alphabetically Sorted Maps; Keyword Sorted Maps: Bunker, Cannon, Firebat, Ghost, Goliath, Hydralisk, Lurker, Marine, Matrix, Reaver, Spore, Sunken, Tank, Turret (all defense maps with those keywords)
F3: Survival – Endure masses of attackers with a given army or base with limited resources.
Subfolders :: Arena: Mini Town Defence, Smash TV; Zombie, 20001 Attack, Dawn of the Dead, Defend the Temple, Protect the Guy, Protect the Queen, Resident Evil, Starship Troopers, Test of Survival
F4: Assault – Advance through an enemy stronghold across the map with a given army or reinforcements.
Subfolders :: Invasion, 300, Braveheart, Break the Condom, Dynasty Warriors, Heaven's Last Stand, Helms Deep, Lord of the Rings
F5: Conquest – Battle with other "nations" and capture outposts with gained units in a world-scope map.
Subfolders :: Civilization, Diplomacy, Risk, World War, Heroes of Might and Magic, LOTR
F6: Madness – Order masses of constantly spawning units to massacre other players in a medium arena.
Subfolders :: Madness, Blood, Bunker, E V O L V E S, Golems, Magic The Gathering (MTG), Rancher, Zone Control
F7: Tug – Push trained or spawned attackers toward the enemy side to destroy their temple.
Subfolders :: BattleCraft, Build Tug O' War, Desert Strike, Overmind Defence, Sand Castle Wars
F8: Control – Skillfully control a unit or squad to defeat enemy bases or scenarios.
Subfolders :: Computer: Individual, Single, Teamwork, Unit; Human: Bunker, Deathmatch, Duel, Teams Choice, Teams Default, Tournament; Block the Gate, Bound and Control, Builders and Fighters, Impossible Scenarios, Korean/Lame/Spire Defense, Nexus Destroyer, Strip the Girl, Team Micro Arena
Humans vs Humans maps are called micro; Humans vs Computers maps are called control.
FA: RPG – Develop your hero and story as you travel the map, kill monsters, and complete quests.
Subfolders :: Horror and Haunted RPGs, Open RPGs, Alien vs Predator, Diablo, Digimon, Dragonball, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Gundam, Lord of the Rings (LOTR), Metal Gear Solid (MGS), Pokemon
For RPG maps bigger than 2MB, you must download them separately.
FB: Warrior – Brawl with the enemy hero while defending your base from the stream of attackers.
Subfolders :: Aeon of Strife (AoS), Armored Core, Defense of the Ancients (DotA), Dragonball Z (DBZ), Dynasty Warriors (DW), Hero Arena, Hero Wars, Star Wars
FC: Paintball – Snipe other players with selected low-health units in a small arena.
Subfolders :: Deathmatch, Sniper, Team Fortress CTF, 007 Arena, Assassinate the President, Commando Wars, Laser Tag, Tank Wars, V-TEC
FD: Tag – Evade a boss, rescue tagged partners, and build walls and fighters with a runner to take revenge.
Subfolders :: Bomber, Killer, Maze, Nuke, Archon Tag, Cat and Mouse: Human, CPU, Crystal Wars; Cops and Robbers, Freeze Tag, Hide n Seek, Jail Tag, Vulture Tag
FE: Obstacle – Move agilely to avoid danger and to reach a goal in the map.
Subfolders :: Obstacle Course, Dodge, Race, Run, Tricks
FE: Bound – Run through obstacle courses by dodging successive explosions and solving puzzles.
Subfolders :: Classic, Easy, Medium, Hard, Pro
For 2000+ bound maps, go to
A-G  H-R  S-Z 
FF: Games – Play small short games with trigger-based features.
Subfolders :: Arcade, Board, Arena, Click, Games, Party, Sports, Dodgeball, Worms
FG: Social – Interact with other players in a virtual social environment.
Subfolders :: Movie, Role Playing (RP), Sims, Chatroom, Don't, Hostage Negotiation, Sexy Pics
FZ: Personal – Webmaster's created maps, mainly of melee defense and RPG categories.

Setting Cus Def Sur Asa Coq Mad Tug Cot RPG Wor Pai Tag Obs Gam Soc
vs Humans
vs Computer
AI Attacks
Comparison Key:  Check Mark Always  Plus Sign Maybe  Cross Sign Never. Move mouse over underlined words for more info.
Categorization Note: Categories are sorted to have similar ones next to each other.
The subfolders go in this order: category >> genre >> series >> versions
Map Pack Note: If you have too many maps, there will be a short freeze when joining games.
This is caused by StarCraft checking your hard drive for a copy of the host's map.
If you are getting the The scenario map file is still being distributed error, then there is a
"^" or "&" or "+" symbol in the map's filename, delete them to fix the map.
Place all extracted F folders to:  C:\Program Files\Starcraft\maps\BroodWar

StarCraft Map of the Day

SCMOTD features some of the best maps to have appeared to Each map was selected out of many others from its subgenre and playtested to ensure quality and playability. Screenshot, description, and map tips are provided to help potential players decide whether to play and how to play.

View the list of all SCMOTDs or click the picture below to read each SCMOTD article.

SCMOTD Map Packs:   2009 April-August
SCMOTD: StarCraft Map of the Day

Webmaster's Personal Maps

Originally my experience with map making was in C&C Red Alert--simply making terrain maps, then WarCraft II nurtured my interests further with its flexibility in adding units and editing their stats. When I installed Brood War in 1999, I was not playing the game--I was fooling around with the 'Campaign Editor.'

I make the maps for my own enjoyment so they are not necessarily geared toward the population particularly in terms of difficulty. All my maps are open source for public enhancement and personal learning; please use SCMDraft 2 to view or edit them.

Drant's Maps Portfolio

Perdition Campaign

4P Fast 4v4c Custom, Jungle 128x128 - ca 2003 (Project started) - More Info
4vs4 Insane AI with prebuilt base for comps, heroes and bosses, very hard
Perdition Campaign.scx

Network Complex

8P Asymmetric Regular Melee, Space 256x256 - ca 2003-4 - More Info
Play melee versus Computers in a huge Blizzard-style landscaping map
Network Complex.scx

10000 Marines Myriad

7P Build Defensive Survival, Space 128x128 - ca 2003-4 - More Info
Fight a 10000 HP marine, then defend against 10000 marines with 1 HP
10000 Marines Myriad.scx

The Labyrinth RPG

7P Mini Dungeon RPG, 128x128 Space - ca 2004
Fight monsters and explore the maze with one upgradeable weapon, minimalistic
The Labyrinth RPG.scx

Maze Pack

7P Maze Race Obstacle, Space 64x64 - May 25, 2004
Get out of a maze of 1x1 path and walls
Three Mazes Pack

Firestorm Defense

7P Nuke Course Defense, Space 64x64 - May 30, 2004
Nuke strike flying enemies in a twisted course, purchasable abilities and bonuses
Firestorm Defense.scx

Blast Furnace

4:3 Bombing Race Tag, Space 64x64 - June 13, 2004 - More Info
Cross the maze as marines or shoot them with triggered-fireballs as tanks
Firemaze Dodgeball.scx

Starport Command

2P Defensive Arcade Game, Space 128x128 - February 26, 2005 - More Info
Missile Command for SC, 3 missile types, 1 enemy type, incremental difficulty
Starport Command.scx

Stimpack Defense

4P Tank Course Defense, Space 64x64 - March 11, 2005 - More Info
Deploy automatic tanks to kill your own stimmed/weakened marines
Stimpack Defense.scx

Nuke Dodge Ground Zeroes

6P Nuke Dodge Tag, Installation 64x64 - April 24, 2005 - More Info
Dodge a storm of nuclear explosions; tag-to-revive and FFA modes
Nuke Dodge - Ground Zeroes.scx


6P Modded Survival Custom, Desert 128x128 - August 12, 2005
Build a base and defend against waves of ghosts and constant nuclear strikes

10,000.000 Units Defense

7P Build Defensive Survival, 128x128 Space - January 16, 2006 - More Info
Fortify your base against any 10,000 super-strong SC units, racial features
10,000.000 Units Defense.scx - Screenshots

Honeycomb Wars

6P Caster Arena Game, Space 128x128 - February 19, 2006 - More Info
Capture sunkens and use trigger spells to dominate the huge arena

Labyrinthos RPG

6P Greek Stages RPG, Jungle 256x256 - May 23, 2006 - More Info
Fight through a giant maze divided into four unique parts, music and sfx
Labyrinthos RPG.scx - Alpha Screenshots

V-Tec Paintball NXG

8P CTF Arsenal Paintball, 64x64 - May 12, 2007 - More Info
V-Tec remade with tiered upgrades and sound
V-Tec Paintball NXG.scx