Saving Private Ryan

5P Refo Invasion Assault, Badlands 64x96 - by HT-cbs in before 2000
Rally your reinforcements and advance through the slaughterous path to conquer the German frontline.
Saving Private Ryan.scm
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Clock: 20 minutes // Respawn: immediately after loss of men // Defeat: time over
Award: Personal Favorite

I remember this as the one of the first StarCraft maps I played in the early 2000s. What made me remember the map most—aside from rushing your troops through abattoir-like valley—is the "special effects" of the Ion Cannon being fired. Being such a newbie at map making at the time, I had no idea how the creator made the cannons "fire", and it looked so cool. Even after knowing that it's just observers being created and destroyed simultaneously (effects which are overkilled in bound maps today), it's still a neat idea. As for the game, it might seem outdated and featureless compared to newer maps, but its thrillful simplicity still remains.