Block The Ice Gate

6P Squads Ramp Control, Ice 96x96 - before 2006
Wisely select one of forty specialized squads to defend against legions of attackers in multiple levels.
Block The Ice Gate.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Block The Ice Gate, Block the Gate
Levels: 17 // Squads: 40 // Mods: low energy cost // Defeat: unable to pass current round
Award: Personal Favorite

Block the Gate is a near translation title of the series of Korean maps "입구 막기", in which the human team on a small hill with one entrance must defend against masses of foes attacking upwards. What makes these maps so fun is that there are lots of enemies to kill, but players have to use their role-based units wisely or the whole team loses. When everyone's doing their part, the action continues and intensifies. The game might get repetitive after several failed attempts (and restarting from scratch), but having a batch of good players makes remaking very worthwhile. In this variation of Block the Gate, players get to pick a wide variety of robust squads to compensate for an even more massive amount of enemies, but that is only better since it means more action and replayability.