6P Sniper Stages RPG, Space 192x192 - early 2000s
Infiltrate gunner-guarded corridors with your cautious sniper team and secure various tactical missions.
Rainbow6 V4.0.scm
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Base: Limbo // Heal: Infinite // HP: Very Low // Revive: wait for team revive // Defeat: all members died
Award: Best of Class

Sniper RPGs is a genre of paintball-like games where players with very low HP units must carefully snipe through enemies scattered courses; Rainbow 6 is exemplary in this format. With a multitude of dangerous missions necessitating precise teamwork, the game does a satisfactory job emulating the feel of its eponymous series. Given its inherently challenging gameplay, the host should have remade the game at least once to get a group of good players to enjoy the game in its entirety.