Dodge The Spikes

6P Enclosed Dodge Obstacle, Space 64x64 - by CpxAzn in before 2005
Constantly move and revive your partners while avoiding the stacked lurkers sweeping the fickle larvae.
Dodge the Spikes.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Dodge The Spikes
Lives: Infinite, touch to revive // Levels: 8 // Defeat: all members not revived
Award: Practical Innovation

Minimalism is about getting the most out of the fewest, and Dodge The Spikes (DTS) is a lot of fun for a game constrained to just the StarCraft screen. The concept is simple, dodge the protruding spines in the small square room and try to revive your teammates if they get dismembered. The stacked Lurkers in the center focus their attacks on the wandering Larvae only, so to increase the difficulty, more Larvae are created to disperse the attack. The game gets chaotic quite fast and luck gradually becomes the winning factor, but for any skillful dodge maps enthusiasts, DTS is a gem of the genre.