Asteroid Race

6P Allied Racing Obstacle, Space 96x256 - by KirbyAu in before 2002
Maneuver your elected ship through tight courses and destructable moving obstacles to fly past rivals.
Asteriod Race FINAL.scx
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Ships: 4 // Areas: 4 // Checkpoints: Near // Respawn: 8 seconds // Defeat: not the first to finish
Award: Time-Tested Classic

Perhaps around the time "bound" maps were just an emerging fad, Asteroid Race (AR) was created in what could be considered a modern map by today's standards. With selectable ships, numerous checkpoints, dynamic obstacles, and switch-based tracks, it has all the necessary features to be a good race map and more. Not without drawbacks, AR suffers from potential griefing by backstabbing players or those intentionally crashing into obstacles to cause a huge explosion killing those nearby. Despite that and its long age, new players still enjoy its occasional hostings, where they are challenged by its progressive gameplay and intrigued by its rare racing genre.