Renaka was inactive from 13:00 UTC to 22:00 UTC for Google Webmaster verification; the long duration was due to the DNS servers lagging with the new redirects. These kinds of "maintenance" only happen once a month and was supposed to happen during U.S. night time. My apologies to those who waited to download StarCraft maps; please bookmark this database and its mirror and go to them whenever this site does not work.

Relevantly, Geocities sites will be closing permanently, and vanishing along with it will be numerous StarCraft gems that has been long lost in the dynamic and players' crashed hard drives. As opposed to map databases, which host vast numbers of unchecked-quality maps, these SC fansites host handpicked classics and proud personal works. So to preserve them, I am going to individual Geocities sites via Google, batch download the maps, and recategorize them here as before—only more speedily.

As a reminder to myself and the downloaders, I compiled the archive because of the fragmentation of maps, the lack of precise categorization in large SCUMS databases, the lack of definitive map packs, the lack of multilingualism, and the hassle of registration to download. Renaka's archive itself however, lacks user-driven capability so well implemented in other sites like and, so please visit them if you wish to submit or review content.

Though originally intended to host and showcase only maps I created, has come to rank higher in search results for StarCraft maps, and with great ranking comes great responsibility, so I will strive to relevantly provide the maps you collectively search for and continue to offer massive map packs for the voracious freeloaders like myself.

As always, user-creator interaction is essential to produce great products, so please, feel free to give your suggestions and I will see what can be improved with Renaka's SCM Archive.