Elements 2000

5P Overmind Roam RPG, Space 256x192 - by 30-Foot-Smurf in early 2000s
Purge marauders and pass challenges to gain guardianship and demolish the Overmind's domain.
Elements 2000 v2.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Elements 2000
Choices: 6 // Evolves: 5, 5K 20K 50K 80K 120K // Heals: Inf // Revives: Inf, -2000XP
Spawns: Melee // Base: Central, killzone // Objectives: 6 enemy outposts // Heroes:
Fire - Bat, Guard, DA, Reav, Arch; Earth - Lurk, Vult, Tank, Ult, Ling; Water - Goon, Gol, Lot, Hydra, Rine
Air - BC, Car, Arb, Wra, Sco; Dark - Zera, IKer, Matr, IDur, KulkM; Light - Tass, Stukov, Magel, Duran, Kerr