Team Lurker Defense

2:2:2 Lurker Defense, Jungle 128x128 - by KiLLeR2001 in before 2004
Position lurkers to maximize kills and prevent partner's leaks while competing with other teams.
Team Lurker Defense.scx
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Directions: T2B, B2T // Levels: 30 // Start: Consensual // Walling: Partial // Lurkers: D2+1 M20
Heroes: 7 Dur (D10+1), JimV (D10+2), Duke (D100+3 D200+5), DA (Fee50 Mae150 MC100),
Inf (D300), Def (Con0 DS100 Pla125), IKer (D100+1 Ens75 Sto50) // Upgrades: All M50, ins // Ban: Red