Nightmare RPG

6P Aliens Structure RPG, Installation 128x128 - by FU-CKER in early 2000s
Cautiously explore the infested space station and find critical parts to repair your escape ship.
Nightmare RPG.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Nightmare RPG
Choices: 6, Own // Upg: KScore2Cash // Items: Find, Inventory // Death: Spectate // Evolves: 50 150 300 kills
HT Tass Ald, Rine JimM Alan Gol, Lot FenZ TaZe Arc, DT DTH Zera Reav, Gho Dur Stuk SCV, Ker IDur IKer JimV
Note: 'Adv' versions have invalid player colors, do not click on flags or SC will crash