Level Defense

5P Position Tubes Defense, Space 64x96 - by BlackZeroX in early 2000s
Deter enemy traffic while consistently upgrading to keep up with their higher HP every level.
Level Defense 4.0.scm
Download StarCraft Map: Level Defense
Levels: 43, 15 enemies; L1-25 Rines, L26-43 Lings, incr HP // Go: auto if no enemies // Score: K3=M1
Directions: TL2BR BL2TR // Wall: Dangerous // Train: researchable, Rine M2 D10+4, Bat M3 D28+6,
Gho M4 D18+8, Goon M4 D20+10, HT M3 StoE30, Hyd M3 D15+6, Lur M2 D20+5
Note: enemies may glitch and attack or stop running, try newer versions