2:2:2:2 Mixed Zone Madness, Space 128x128 - by BNZ in mid 2000s
Strategically coordinate your army to massacre the enemy and conquer zones with additional spawners.
Z-OWN Control ULTRA.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Z-OWN Control ULTRA, ZOWN Control
Vessels: (Que) 2 Rine 2 Ling 1 Lot, (Ves) 1 Gol 1 Goon 1 Hyd, (Shu) 2 Wra 2 Muta 1 Scot, (KulG) 1 BC 1 Carr
Outpost (Ov): 4 Can (H1500 S1000 A10 D140|180) 2 Pyl (H2000 S2000 A10) 1 Tank (H180 A15 D300)