Rock Paper Scissors

6P Counter Deathmatch Micro, Space 64x64 - by ISpyderI in 2000
Predict other players' choices and mercilessly destroy the weak and honorably give in to the strong.
Rock Paper Scissors final.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Rock Paper Scissors
Wins: 3, 5, or 7 // Counter: Rock > Paper > Scissors > Rock , Gol > DT > Muta > Gol, Vult > Lot > Ult > Vult
Wra > Cors > Hyd > Wra, Scout > Rine > Ling > Scout , Brood > BC > DA > Brood , Arb > Kerr > IKer > Arb

Description: This is a unit deathmatch game. At the start of each round, you choose one of three fighters: a "rock" unit can easily kill a "scissor" unit, but would be tied with a "rock" unit and be easily killed by a "paper" unit (and so on according to the counters). Skill is as important as luck since all players must fight each other simutaneously. For example, if you are a rock unit, let the scissor players kill the paper players for you, then eliminate the scissor player afterwards. If it happens that there are only two players left and one is rock and one is scissor, players should play honorably, that is the scissor player must give up.