6P Magic Dungeon RPG, Installation 192x192 - by Postmanpat in early 2000s
Cast spells to fight through hordes of monsters and bosses as you explore the tightly pathed map.
Mage RPG SE.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Mage RPG
Heroes: 9, Own // Difficulty: Auto // Lives: 2, buyable // Heal: Spots, use once // Upg: 10+→100, max 200 Kills
Spells: 3; Left/Right: Tass (Kill1NearBy,Plague), FenZ (ResTeamShield,2Halluc), Med (MorphToLing,1Mine)
IKer (TeamInvinc,1Brood), Zera (TouchEnemy8%HP,TouchEnemy28%HP), Kerr (Reaver,ResTeamHP)
Goon (MC6NearbyLingOr1Hydra,KillAllNearBy), JimM (1Ghost,1Rine), DA (MCNearbyLings,1Hydra)
Tip: only let pros use Kerr since Reaver spell can splashkill allies