5P Rooms Gladiator Survival, Installation 64x64 - by Mr. Winks and others in 1998
Recruit and evolve your heroes to battle in multiple rooms flooded with attackers and stage bosses.
Smash TV EX FINAL NoRand.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Smash TV EX FINAL
Stages: 5 × ≈15 rooms // Cap: 10 Units // Revive: -$1000, 1 Rine // Heroes: Rine $5000,$10000
Features: Donate; Sellback; Loan // Note: [T]op [M]iddle [B]ottom beacons; enemy cannot see cloak
HEROES AND EVOLUTIONS CHART     Price  Armor Shield Health Damage Ability

Hyd  [T]                       $5,000  A10          H300   D50
    Def  [T]                  $10,000  A25          H250          (DS E75,Plag E25)
        Uncl [T]              $50,000  A50          H500          (DS E75,Plag E25)
            IDur [M]         $225,000  A60          H2500  D1750  (Clo E0,Lock E25)
        DA   [B]              $50,000  A50          S1250  H1000  (Mael E50,FB E50,MC E50)
    HK   [B]                  $25,000  A30          H720   D250
        Lurk [T]              $45,000  A80          H800   D250
        Torr [B]              $55,000  A80          H3000  D756

Vult [M]                       $5,000  A10          H300   D50
    JimM [T]                  $10,000  A20          H650   D50
        Gho  [T]              $30,000  A30          H1250  D500
            Kerr [M]         $125,000  A40          H2500  D1000  (Clo E0,Lock E25)
                Stuk [T]     $200,000  A80          H2250  D1500  (Clo E0,Lock E25)
                IKer [B]      $66,600  A66          H6666  D6666  (Ens E25,Sto E10)
        Bat  [B]              $30,000  A40          H1000  D200
            Tom  [M]          $60,000  A75          H1250  D500
    Med  [M]                  $10,000  A75          H5000  (Heal E0,Rest E25,Flar E50)
    JimV [B]                  $10,000  A30          H900   D150
        Gol  [T]              $30,000  A35          H1000  D150|100
            Alan [T]          $70,000  A100         H3000  D1250|4000
        Tank [B]              $30,000  A40|60       H1250  D75|150
            Duke [B]          $75,000  A90|180      H3500  D350|750

Goon [B]                       $5,000  A10   S100   H300   D51
    FenZ [T]                  $10,000  A20   S375   H400   D104
        HT   [T]              $25,000  A25   S1500  H250          (Sto E10,Hal E50)
            Tass [T]          $60,000  A35   S3000  H500   D150   (Sto E10,Hal E50)
                DT   [M]     $150,000  A50   S500   H250   D500
                    DTH  [M] $220,000  A75   S2500  H2000  D2500
            Arch [B]          $60,000  A50   S5000  H1000  D750
        FenD [B]              $25,000  A50   S500   H750   D250
            Warb [M]          $90,000  A100  S2500  H1250  D500
    BC   [M]                  $10,000  A75          H1000  D200   (lasts one battle)
    Carr [B]                  $10,000  A75   S500   H1000  D150x8 (lasts one battle)
Stuk + DTH + IDur = Arta [TMB]         A255  S9500  H7500  D5000|7500