Nuclear Defense 6ooo

7P Nuke Course Defense, Space 64x64 - by [Ghost]Yoon in 26 February 2001
Precisely time your nuclear strikes to center the ground zeroes on varyingly fast enemy fleets.
Nuclear Defense 6ooo.scx
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Levels: 30 // Lives: 25 // Cash: M1 every level, +M1 every 5 level // Tip: nuke takes 15s to arrive
H100 ~ 1.Ov 2.Gua 3.Dev 4.Scor 5.Que 6.Muta, H500 ~ 7.BC 8.Drop 9.SciV 10.Valk 11.Wra (Cloaks)
H1000 ~ 12.Carr 13.Arb 14.Shut 15.Scout 16.Cors 17.Obs, H2000 ~ 18.KulG 19.Ygg 20.Kaka 21.Matr 22.KulM
H3000 ~ 23.Gant 24.Dani 25.Mojo 26.Arta, H5000 ~ 27.Hype, H6000 ~ 28.Nora 29.Mage, H7000 ~ 30.Tom