Sunken D 4 Way X-Pert

4P Walling Tubes Defense, Ashworld 128x128 - by jmanzzz in mid 2000s
Convolute the enemy's path with Sunkens and prevent them from reaching your partner's side.
Sunken D 4 way X-Pert 1.5.scm
Download StarCraft Map: Sunken D 4 Way X-Pert
Levels: 22 // Walling: Partial // Ban: Host // Timer: Auto|Manual // Heroes: 11, 3 supers ~
StaCel-Scout(H5000,S5000,D400 KhayFo-Carr(H3000,S1500,D50x8) Temple-Arb(H5000,S5000,D500)