Grocery Store War

6P Theft Structure RPG, Installation 128x128 - by Skovos in 2003
Pillage the store to improvise newer weapons and kill stronger guards as you wage on the guerilla war.
Grocery Store War Ultimate.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Grocery Store Wars
Revive: rescue at Mature Chrys (far right) // Defeat: all jailed // Victory: all yellow buildings destroyed
Requirement  Weapon  Armor Shield Health Damage Ability
1 CitAdu     FenZ    A0    S0     H60    D6
1 RoboFa     JimM    A0           H70    D9
1 StarGa     DevO    A1           H80    D4
X WarpGa, X PsiDis
             Torr    A1           H200   D70
X SupDep     JimV    A2           H150   D70
1 CrasBC     IKer    A1           H115   D30    (Sto E10)
X Overmi     TaZe    A3    S30    H400   D180
1 OvCooc     Stuk    A2           H140   D45
1 Observ, 1 ShieBa, 1 ArbTri, 1 Academ
             Reav    A2    S10    H400   D100
1 ShieBa, 1 RoboSu
             GuiM    A1           H90    D12
1 StarPo     Hunt    A0           H70    D8
1 EngBay     FenD    A1    S20    H50    D21
X InfCom     Vult    A0           H80    D25
X SpireG, X SpPool
             Defi    A1           H100          (Plag E5)
X SciVes     HT      A0    S40    H40           (Sto E10)
X critters   Arch    A0    S90    H10    D30
1 Armory     Alan    A1           H100   D12|40