Those who have been checking the SCMOTD page regularly may have noticed that I have recently been updating it slowly and sporadically. If you should know why, it's mainly because finding a map that is fun to play over and over again—the critical criterion of MOTDs—is very difficult. On average it has taken me 1 hour to write 1 MOTD—considering the time needed in discovering the right map in the myriad of crappy creations, finding a good version amongst the rigged and buggy counterparts, hosting it with enough people that aren't assholes, getting good screenshots that can hook you readers with the attention span of 7-year-olds, and finally annotating its helpful features which I think nobody really reads.... actually the real reason is that I've been lazy and watching Hong Kong flicks instead.

Anyway, I will be "AFK" for a few days despite wanting to add some more MOTDs. But disappoint not, here is a tentative list of maps that may be featured, which I will do after returning. I have not checked for a good version of each, so try whatever you can. You can download them from the location stated in the parantheses.

  • #069 2009.06.23 - Pokemon RPG (RPG >> Pokemon)
  • #070 2009.06.24 - Diplomacy (Conquest >> Diplomacy)
  • #071 2009.06.25 - Phantom BGH (Custom >> Phantom)
  • #072 2009.06.26 - Block the Snow Gate (Control >> Block the Gate)
  • #073 2009.06.27 - Sniper Bald Locks (Paintball >> Sniper)
  • #074 2009.06.28 - Splash Defense (Defence >> Splash)
  • #075 2009.06.29 - AI Lurker Defense (Defence >> Lurker)
  • #076 2009.06.30 - Falling Tiles (Game >> Arena)
  • #077 2009.07.01 - TwIlIgHt CoNtRoL (Control >> Human Individual)
  • #078 2009.07.02 - Lain Tournament (Control >> Human Tournament)
  • #079 2009.07.03 - Magic The Gathering (Madness >> MTG)
  • #080 2009.07.04 - Path Defense (Defence >> Path Defense)
  • #081 2009.07.05 - Sunk&Spore (Defence >> Combination)
  • #082 2009.07.06 - Special Forces (RPG >> Special Forces)
  • Go to the map archive to download!

If anyone wants to help with the SCMOTD program, read the SCMOTD thread and suggest some good maps to be featured. This post will manually self-destruct after I return.