Normandy Invasion: SE²

5P RPG Invasion Assault, Jungle 64x128 - by Panzer_Kavalier in 30 July 2002
Break through the fiercely fortified hills along Allies troops and raze the layers of German defenses.
Normandy SE [7.30.02].scx
Download StarCraft Map: Normandy Invasion SE
Lives: 3, buyable // Clock: 2 SC hours // Features: Buy5Dropships, BuyNuke, SwitchHero, Recruit24RegUnits
Abilities: Magel-Lay2Mines,Recruit8BCs Alan-Spawn2Inf Tom-Lay1MineSpawn1Inf // Note: exp is shared
UpgCap: 125 Infa, 100 Vehi