¤Fïñâl Fâñtâ§y III¤

4P Fantasy Overworld RPG, Jungle 256x256 - by FoxDragoon in 2000
Travel the technomagical world as you battle roaming monsters and guarding dragons in this FF6 adaptation.
Fïñâl Fâñtâ§y III.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Final Fantasy III
Heroes: 2 of 10 // Items: Potion, Phoenix // Heal: Inn // Note: get heroes of same upgrade type
Tip: hide in trees to get protection from ranged enemies; don't buy too many items or your user will be stuck

Map Title: ¤Fïñâl Fâñtâ§y III¤
Creator: FoxDragoon
Size: 453KB
Players: 4
Terrain: Jungle (256 x 256)
Note: Broodwar only
Website: http://umsworld.cjb.net
Description: This is a great RPG and it has everything a Final Fantasy III lover would like. Like chocobos, buying potions, lots of bosses, towns and a really hard final boss!
Errata: Alchemist says potions are 1500 gold but they are actually 750 gold.
- Choose characters from the same Starcraft race.
- Try to pick most of the units that can fight air.
- Try to kill the bosses by fighting first. If it fails use a nuke, but try to save them.
- Watch out for towns, most of them have dragons guarding them.
- To recover your health points sleep at an inn or drink a potion
- The only way to enter caves is to first get the lamp at Figaro Castle
- You can heal for free at the Recovery Spring at the haunted forest
- Kefka has demons (Reavers) protecting him, oull him back to fight him to avoid the demons.

Certain teams of choice:
- Shadow and Cyan (Zealot and Dragoon): a bit weak the the beggining but have the highest damage at the late game.
- Terra and Mog (Infested Kerrigan and Zergling) Really fast attackers, level up the fastest but no air damage besides Storm.
- Strago and Setzer (Tank and Goliath) Well balanced team, best air-to-air attack and can use Lore (Siege).
- Locke and Edgar- Level a bit slow but everyone will love you for your ability to nuke and dish out a lot of damage to bosses. Locke can boost himself (Stimpack).
- Sabin and Celes - Celes can't nuke but can do more damage than Edgar and Sabin has a great Area attack (Flamethrower) that is perfect for fighting small units together.

Well, have fun!