Resident Evil: Raccoon City

6P Town Recruit Survival, Space 128x128 - by Panzer_Kavalier in before 2005
Fend off the encroaching zombie hordes and protect the RPD with your recruited and upgraded militia.
Raccoon City [1.09].scx
Download StarCraft Map: Resident Evil Raccoon City, Racoon City
Timer: 1:30 SC Hours // Exp: Shared // Cap: 16 Units // Climaxes: 1:15-Hyd(D20)
0:55-FenD(D40), 0:45-FenZ(D40x2), 0:35-HK(D50), 0:25-Tass(D60), 0:10-Kerr(D200)
Tip: rescue Civs on High Platforms // Note: destroy the StaCel immediately or they will hatch Nemesis