MtG MaguS Edition

5P Uniques Spells Madness, Jungle 128x128 - by The_MaguS in before 2002
Summon packs of beasts, cast malevolent spells, and erect buff shrines to overpower other magicians.
MtG Magus Edition V2 (9.2c).scx
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Spells: 6 unique // Summons: 6 unique // Features: 10 "Artifact" shrines, 18 additional spells/summons
Branches: P1 Red ~ 10'Bat, 6'DT, 5'BC; P2 Cyan ~ 9'Lot, 6'Wra, 6'Arch; P3 Green ~ 11'Ling, 6'Kerr, 6'Goon;
P5 Black ~ 9'DevO, 6'Hyd, 6'JimM 6'Muta; P6 White ~ 12'Rine, 6'Vult, 6'Scout; new units spawn with old

[Player 1 Red] Spell Prices:
Meteor Shower (12,000 - 15,000 Mana) : Destroys all units in the center area
Lightning Bolt (7,000 Mana) : Kills 10 units in each enemy base
Smoke (25,000 Mana) : Makes enemy Phrexian Lens vulnerable
Relentless Assault (38,000 Mana) : Sends large armies to attack each enemy
Lava Storm (12,000 Mana) : Converts six Warlords into Molten Hydras, bring to Mox Diamonds
Rivalry (25,000 Mana) : Kills center, drains Arbiters, Urza's Apprentices, ghosts, and defilers. Moves ALL Urza and level 3 units to the center and kills all of your level 2

[Player 2 Cyan] Spell Prices :
Hydroblast (12,000 - 15,000 Mana) : Destroys all units in the center area
Energy Field (15,000 Mana) : Gives you perimeter defense
Mana Drain (25,000 Mana) : Depletes all of your opponents' mana
Clone (66,000 Mana) : Give you three of the most powerful summon of every color
Anarchy (15,000 Mana) : Send all enemy units in the game to the center area
Aura Flux (30,000 Mana) : Kills all enemy units with energy except for Urza's Apprentice

[Player 3 Green] Spell Prices :
Hurricane (12,000 - 15,000 Mana) : Kills all units in the center area
Stream of Life (7,000 Mana) : Heals all your units to 100%
Giant Strength (25,000 Mana) : Gives you twelve Giant Spiders
Living Lands (12,000 Mana) : Gives you perimeter defense
Nature's Lore (60,000 Mana) : Kills all enemy level 1-3 units, sends dragons to each base
Song of the Elves (22,000 Mana) : Brings 12 enemy units from each base and converts them

[Player 5 Black] Spell Prices :
Acid Rain (12,000 - 15,000 Mana) : Destroys all units in the center area
Wall of Putrid Flesh (14,000 Mana) : Destroys all perimeter defenses and level 1 units
Engineered Plague (10,000 Mana) : Gives you a large army of Sengir Bats
Vile Requiem (30,000 Mana) : Creates an ambush at each enemy base
Sacrifice : Kills 40 Maggot Carriers in exchange for 16,000 Mana, must have 10,000 Mana
Dark Ritual (60,000 Mana) : Your Mage is revived if it dies, destroys all enemy units in base

[Player 6 White] Spell Prices :
Burst of Energy (12,000 - 15,000 Mana) : Destroys all units in the center area
Blessed Reversal (25,000 Mana) : Kills all your units in the center then gives all units in the center to you
Circle of Protection (15,000 Mana) : Give you perimeter defense
Wrath of God (50,000 Mana) : Kills enemy summons and level 1-2 units, sets level 3 units to 33% health
Planar Collapse (20,000 Mana) : Sets all enemy structures to 10% health, kills all level 2 units
Path to Ascension (18,000 Mana) : Ascends 6 White Knights into Archangels, bring to Mox Diamonds