Blood Pressure Marathon

FFA 6P Racing Deathmatch Micro, Twilight 128x128 - by Birth.BuzZ in 2008
Exploit randomly given racers and trick other players into killing each others while you run to the goal.
Blood Pressure Marathon 15Z.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Blood Pressure Marathon

Description: This is a random fighters racing game. All players race while fighting each other to keep the winning players down. The map is a circular track and has four checkpoints where you will be given a new random racer/fighter unit every time. You can choose either to fight other players or to rush to the next checkpoint. There are 56 possible racers, and some are very slow or even immobile--that will need the help from other players to remobilize you (most likely unintentional). This game benefits from social skill as you can use other players to your advantage, but don't be too aggressive or other players will take revenge. Be the first to complete 15 laps to win.