WinterGlades RPG

5P Overmind Roam RPG, Ice 256x256 - by Xanthen in 1999
Roam the wintry landscape as you kill mercenaries and demolish encampments to advance your hero.
WinterGlades 2.65S.scx
Download StarCraft Map: WinterGlades RPG
Evolves: 50, 2500, 10K, 20K, 40K, 60K, 100K KilRaz // Death: LevelReset // Features: Recruit 5K, buy Med|SCV
Towns: 3 // Tip: don't be greedy, team will get quest bonuses; have partners help kill the mastery unit
Mastery       Unit                       Landmark  Location
Fighter       Zera A30 S1200 H1000 D250  Temple    Top Left Corner Edge
Archer        KulG A30       H1800 D250  none      Lower Top Right Corner Edge
Magician      Dani A30 S1500 H800  D600  CrysFor   Lower Top Left Corner Edge
Mechanic      Nora A32       H2000 D250  PsiDis    Middle Right Edge
Shapeshifter  KulM A31       H1800 D175  XelTemp   Lower Middle Right