Hydralisk Attack 12,000 Plus

Full 7P Flood Bunkering Survival, Space 128x128 - by 없는자 in before 2007
Hold the line against seemingly endless tsunamis of Hydralisks by repairing and rebuilding superbunkers.
Hydralisk Attack 20001 PLUS.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Kill 20001 Hydralisk Attack, Kill 12000 Hydras Attack, 20K Hydra Defense
Version: 1 SCV; buyable heroes, casters, and cannons // Tip: build unfinished bunkers as buffers
Waves: 49 // Climaxes: W30 HK (H150 D15), W39 Ling (H300 D20), W49 Torr (H700 D50)