V-TEC Paintball (Enhanced)

4:4 CTF Arsenal Paintball, Installation 64x64 - by KnIgHtCoM in 1998
Play a classic competitive-teamwork paintball game that takes minutes to learn but years to master.
[8]V-TEC {Enhanced}L.scx
Download StarCraft Map: V-Tec Paintball, Vtec Paintball
Weapons: 6×3 Evolves at 5 10 or 15 kills // Wins: 25, 50, 75, or 100 team kills // View Map Overview
Counters: Rine > Ling > Goon > Rine, use other units for their upgraded form
Prop                  Function
green tube doodad     morph Civilian to respective unit
Chrysalis             morph unit back to Civilian
Khaydarin Crystal     teleport in or out of base
floor hatch doodad    upgrade unit to newer stronger unit
Flag                  turns unit into flag carrier (JimM), return to own beacon for +2 Civs
team base             kills enemy camping in for more than 30s, takes enemy 30s to respawn