RanPos 3:3 Multiavatar Sport Game, Jungle 64x64 - by Dragoon-elf in early 2000s
Score runs on the four bases as you evade tagging players and then prevent just that on multiple turns.
Baseball V1.72.scx
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Features: HitStrength, BallRandomization, PlayerLeaveSensitive, SFX // Learn how to play baseball
Note: you need a pitcher (Tank) and a catcher (Goliath behind the batter) in position for each game to start

You can't win unless it's the end of an inning, you have more runs th[a]n the other team, and you've met the victory conditions.
To pitch or swing at the ball, siege your batter or pitcher (tanks)
The ball will fly to the catcher, if you move the catcher, the ball will curve.
The closer to the center of home plate the ball is when you swing, the further it goes.
If your batter is above home plate when you swing, the ball goes to the right, below goes to the left.
In the top bottom corners (left or right depending on your team) you can choose to use the wooden bat (trail doesn't last as long), metal bat (normal trail), or high-tech bat (trail lasts longer).
To pick up the ball, move one of your players (goliath) next to it.
To catch the ball (for an out) be under it as the trail ends.