Single And Team Control 2

6P Ind+Team Reactive Control, Twilight 128x128 - by thdtjdqja in 2009
Assemble the best squads with alotted cash to fight against armies in your own and the team's arena.
S.A.T. Control 2 [1.1].scx
Download StarCraft Map: Single And Team Control II, SAT Control 2
Levels: 25×2, +Bosses // Difficulties: 4 ±minerals // Tech: Unresearched // Upg: 4 max // Features: Ban, Suicide
Bonus: GasFor1LevelUpgrade (Left), MoreMineralsPerRound (Top), or MoreInitialEnergy (Right)
Note: use all your minerals because they will zero after the timer; computer can cloak and detect

Award: Personal Favorite

Rarely are maps in the same series featured twice in the SCMOTD, but once again the freedom of squad customization and the dynamics of individual and team play—signature to the Single and Team Control series—have proven to make this map very replayable. SAT Control 2 expands from its prequel by letting players choose one of two enemy groups each level and integrating a boss level every five. Gameplay is enhanced by experience points based bonuses, allowing more resources or energy per round. Though the game sometimes limits what players can buy to prevent overpowering the enemy, it is still essentially a sandbox game and players are free to experiment and have fun every time they play.