7P Probe Jail Tag, Jungle 128x128 - by EL-DUD in early 2000s
Warp in Pylon timebombs along with your vulnerable allies to wipe out lethal wandering enemies.
Download StarCraft Map: Bomber Probe SC, BomberProbe SC, Bomberman, Bomber Man
Levels: 9 // Ban: Host // Tip: to limit friendly fire, don't build Pylons at (+) intersections
Award: Personal Favorite

Most of the quality Bomberman maps are FFA style with quick-thinking gameplay, such as BOMBERMAN 2.7 by [Ghost]Yoon. I chose BOMBER PROBE as the representative of this emulative genre in that it combines the fun of Bomberman games with the familiarity of tag maps. On first play, the map appears to be a Cat & Mice game with the jail zone in the center, and Mice/Probes running away from danger—except that players now have the more powerful ability of blasting away numerous enemies in entire rows or columns. Being the exact opposite of FFA maps, teamwork and especially the avoidance of friendly fire, will be needed as bombers advance through the nine diverse levels.