A.I. Splash Def

Individual 5P Walling RetroBottle Defense, Desert 96x96 - by Touchpad_Master in 15 July 2005
Set up auto-defenses to hit your dummy Defilers such that they splash enemies running through.
Download StarCraft Map: AI Splash Defense, AI Splash Defence
Levels: 15 // Stack: Yes // Walling: Safe // Note: read Mission Objectives for defenses listing
Award: Best of Class

The "AI" prefix in the series of mini-defenses came from the original Korean 개인 Lurker Defense map, in which the hangul means "individual", but transcodes to "ÀÎ" on non-Korean localizations. Traits that AI maps all share are the last-man-standing rule, individual tracks, and the characteristic boomerang pathing. In AI Splash Defense, the creator combined the strategy of splash defenses with the minimalism of AI defenses, and as such, walling is even more essential in keeping the enemy vulnerable to fire. AI maps are generally short games, but what makes them more fun than longer ones is the ability to quickly master your strategies to outplay others.