Team Micro Melee

1+2:1+2 Melee Squad Micro, Jungle 128x128 - by Bill307, IntoTheWow in 14 March 2009
Defend your army builder while assaulting the enemy base with various tactical points-earned squads.
Team Micro Melee AG 2.3.scx
Download StarCraft Map: Team Micro Melee, Team Micro Arena
1 Baser 2 Microers per team // Respawn: 10s // Note: numbers in units' names represent their kill points
Features: MoveableSpawnPoint, ConvertPointsToResource, GiveMenToMicroers; Suicide, Upg, Heroes

Award: People's Choice

Belonging to the established Builders and Fighters genre, Team Micro Melee combines regular 1v1 melee with numerous pick-and-choose squads for dynamic gameplay. With the experience-points element, supporting members can advance to stronger units and better upgrades to help protect the builder or lead the assault. As a team game, communication is vital or else a player will have to futilely fend for himself. A couple of mistakes builders usually make are not wisely positioning their squad-spawner (Civ) and not simply entrusting his army to the squads (PsiEm), which are important features to this tactics-focused game.